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Beauty Bellini Mocktail

Did you know you can make mocktails with tea? Try this alcohol-free take on the classic Bellini cocktail with our delicious Beauty blend!


30 ml Beauty tea syrup (4 x Beauty Teabags and 100g white caster sugar)

50 ml Soda water

20 ml bitter lemon

Dash of edible pink glitter

Drop of pink food dye

Rose petals & pink sugar to garnish



2Brew four Beauty tea bags in 100ml hot water

3Measure 100g of white caster sugar into a pan

4Pour tea into the sugar and bring to a boil

5Boil until sugar is dissolved

6Cool then pour into a container and keep in the fridge

7Chill glass in the freezer


9Chill glass in the freezer

10Rim glass with pink sugar

11Pour the beauty syrup and bitter lemon into your flute

12Dye soda water pink with food dye and add the edible glitter

13Top up drink with pink soda water

14Briefly mix to incorporate all the ingredients

15Garnish with rose petals

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