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What It Takes

What It Takes to Be an Artist

Being an artist is about defying expectations, pushing your limits, and toiling day in day out to be more than you thought possible. Our Senior Tea Taster, William, is a master of his craft and understands better than most what it takes to achieve the extraordinary.

Art comes in many forms and to celebrate being an artist, we share with you the stories of William and three rising stars that we greatly admire. These artists are striving to reach the pinnacle of their chosen fields and are acutely aware that mastering your art takes heart, soul and devotion. Please meet William, Alice, Kyle and Jaleesa – a tea taster, a gymnast, a painter, and a musician.

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Meet the Artists


William Manning, Ahmad Tea’s Senior Tea Taster with 45 Years of Experience

William is Ahmad Tea’s Senior Tea Taster and oversees the buying and quality control process across our international locations. With over 45 years experience, he is an admired leading light in the tea trade. William is the author of some of our most unique and exclusive blends.


Alice Kinsella, Gymnast Champion, @AliceKinsella17

Alice is one of the UK’s most exciting up-and-coming artistic gymnasts. She was the first British woman to win Gold on the beam at the European Championships, and has consistently performed on a global scale to achieve podium finishes. A promising career lies ahead, with her sights set on the World Championships and Olympics.


Kyle Barnes, Prize-Winning Painter, @Kyle_Barnes_Artist

Kyle is an acclaimed young artist whose works have won numerous UK art prizes. Specializing in realistic portraits, he believes “Our face is a landscape. Years of experiences etch their mark on us physically as well as mentally, shaping who we are and molding us as people.”


Jaleesa Gemerts, Hip Hop and Funk Drummer, @LadyGrooveDrums

Jaleesa is a thrilling drummer whose cross-genre style effortlessly moves between pop, soul and funk. Nicknamed ‘Lady Groove’, Jaleesa’s talent is highly sought after for collaborations and gigs. She performed at the opening ceremony of the UEFA Champions League Final and played drums on George Ezra single ‘Shotgun’.