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English Breakfast

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Wake up every morning in England, with this quintessential, full-bodied, black tea - a blend of malty Assam, bright Ceylon and robust Kenyan teas. Enjoy this 'British cuppa' with milk and sugar to complement your breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.

Tea Preparation

The quality of water used has an impact on the quality of the tea. Always
use freshly drawn water or filtered water. 


Heat fresh water to a rolling boil or to a temperature of 212F using an electric hot water heater or a stove top kettle.

Infusion Time

Once the water reaches the appropriate temperature, it should be poured immediately over the tea bag. Keep the teapot covered to retain heat. Time steeping carefully and infuse for 5 minutes. When the tea is done steeping, immediately remove the tea and lightly stir.

Caffeine Level

This black tea has more caffeine than teas in our green tea range. It's important to keep in mind that brew time accounts for the primary influence over a tea's caffeine content.

None (0mg)
English Breakfast(60mg)
High (100mg)

Sri Lanka, Assam, Kenya


Black tea

Tasting Notes

Engage your senses

The rich and malty aroma of English Breakfast makes this blend an invigorating beverage to kick-start your day.


English Breakfast appears dark reddish-brown in color and has a very bright or reflective surface. This brightness demonstrates its high quality.

In The Cup

The Assam teas give English Breakfast a malty and creamy richness, while the Kenyan and Ceylon teas add a fresh and brisk character. Due to its strong and robust flavor, this blend is well-suited for milk and sugar.


Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
English Breakfast Tea

Love this in the morning with breakfast! Warm and soothing straight black tea.

Maria Soto
Great taste!

Love this tea it has a great taste. I have always been a coffee drinker but I have left coffee for this tea. I will continue to order. I recommend it highly.

The Best English Breakfast

This is the best English Breakfast tea I have tried, and I use it year-round. I make iced tea in summer with flavored tea bags such as Apricot, Cinnamon, Passion Fruit, etc. I usually use three flavored tea bags and two English Breakfast to make the tea strong enough for serving on ice. In winter, it's my favorite hot tea.

Excellance across the board

I just recently discovered Ahmad Tea when a friend who runs a tea room sent me a box of the black tea as a gift. I had been getting headaches from using my usual brand (and was starting to suspect that they are putting too many chemicals on the tea leaves) and decided to try this one and see how it went. No headache and an outstanding cup of tea! I was hooked and will forever use only Ahmad Tea from now on. After my gift tin was empty, I ordered several boxes of the English Breakfast tea from the website and it shipped to DC within a couple of days. Very well packaged and clearly this company takes pride in both their product and their customer service. I will be a lifetime customer now!

Nancy E

A favorite any time of day, Ahmad’s English Breakfast is clean and tasty, it deserves all its awards.