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Her Majesty's Earl Grey Infused Mocktail


75 ml Pink grapefruit juice

50 ml Earl Grey tea (brewed and cooled)

25 ml Honey syrup

15 ml Earl Grey tea syrup


1For the Earl Grey syrup:

2Brew 4 earl grey bags in 100ml of hot water

3Measure 100grams of white caster sugar into a pot

4Pour tea into sugar and bring to a boil / Boil until sugar is dissolved

5Cool then pour into a container and keep in the fridge

6For the honey syrup:

7Pour 100ml of hot water into a pot

8Add 100ml of honey

9Boil until incorporated

10Cool and pour into a container and keep in the fridge

11For the Pink Grapefruit and Earl Grey Cobbler:

12Chill glass in freezer

13Fill glass with small ice cubes

14Measure all ingredients into glass

15Briefly mix to incorporate all ingredients

16Garnish with grapefruit and rosemary

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