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Kew Majestic Breakfast Caddy

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A stunning collaboration combines four generations of tea knowledge with the beauty and heritage of Kew Gardens. Take a sip of an elegant and uplifting loose leaf tea. Specially blended to compliment English Afternoon tea, this delectable brew features exclusive quality teas and a hint of bergamot.

100 g Loose Leaf - English Breakfast

** Available in store at Cost Plus World Market

Tasting Notes

Engage your senses

The rich and malty aroma of English Breakfast makes this blend an invigorating beverage to kick-start your day.


English Breakfast appears dark golden-brown in color and has a very bright or reflective surface. This brightness demonstrates the very high quality of the tea leaves, which are medium-sized grainy leaves as well as desirable leaf bud tips.

In the cup

The Assam teas give English Breakfast a malty and creamy richness, while the Kenyan and Ceylon teas add freshness. Due to its very strong and robust flavor, this blend is well-suited for milk and sugar.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Angela Rosado

I randomly happened on a box of the Ahmad english afternoon at a secondhand store years ago and it immediately became my favorite tea! I've been rationing my tea bags forever haha. I love a looseleaf tea and was so happy to see the english afternoon in the kew caddy section. I bought both this and the ceylon and they're both lovely!!

Holly Windsong Greenwood
So delicious, I bought four more for tea-loving friends

I do love these caddies: they are air- and moisture-tight, so they keep my teas fresh. I am a confirmed loose-leaf tea enthusiast, so I especially enjoy teas that are packaged in high-quality caddies. I have been drinking teas almost daily for decades, as do all my family. A robustly flavored tea is a MUST! No insipid teas for me, be they herbal or otherwise. Ahmad Tea's Kew teas fill the bill.

Deborah Arambul
Great flavor

I’m very picky about my tea. I have to have a
Sent and flavoring blk teas. Assam is my favorite. I was nicely surprised with majestic loose tea. I love the flavor and now want more. The only negative there isn’t very much in the canister. I drink tea daily.

Average for an Ahmad product!

This tea is a bit of a disappointment. Breakfast tea is best, in my opinion, when it is predominantly an Assam tea. This tea isn’t rich and malty enough and definitely fits the category of an English Breakfast tea. Hopefully, someday Ahmad shall offer a superior Assam only tea, in true European fashion.